Kowning the nature


In the heart of a Green Paradise: Viñales, declared National park and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Villa los Reyes, hosted by Yoan and Yarelis (Biologist of the national park Viñales) offers and arranges a varied range of activities for those who enjoy ecotourism, in coordination with the travel agencies in the region.

Walking tours with specialized guides

The different walking tours we offer are designed to meet the most varied expectations of our guests, from the knowledge of the local flora and fauna as well as culture and traditions of the farmers to the observation of birds and different landscapes. All of our guides are experts and English speakers.


For adventure lovers or those who feel attracted by these beautiful animals we offer horse rides through the Viñales Valley.

Other preferences

For those that for some reason don´t want to walk or ride but still want to admire closely the extraordinary beauty of the region we can also arrange tours in horse or bulls carriages.