A heaVallelthy form of enjoying the beauty of our environment constitutes it without doubts the journey guided by means of walks that it allows directly so much interactuar with the environment like the residents of this area, to know all envelope first hand the history and form of life of the place, flora and typical fauna, fundamentally endemic birds and in extinction danger, plantations of coffee, history, culture, rural traditions, and a natural mirador with splendid visual of the region. For those that they don’t care to get up early they can enjoy a spectacular dawn; leaving the very early town in the morning, he/she will be able to contemplate the awakening of the sun ascending it costs up until arriving to the summit of the slates of the center of the National Park, observing and admiring the flora and the Cuban fauna, mainly the avifauna, rich and abundant in this area.  After contemplating the impressive show of the nascent sun on the mogotes, a coffee elaborated with the grain of the plants that you/they grow in the mountains and offered by the local inhabitants, he/she stretched him a little it stops this way to descend a little for a route sharp until the mural of the prehistory.